Benefits of Mold Testing

Testing for Mold can expose an issue, and potentially save you money. Or you may only have mold in an isolated area, or no mold problem at all. Mold testing will define the scope of work, eliminating unnecessary action when an area may not have to be remediated, saving the customer money.

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Mold Testing and Removal Services

Molds are part of the natural environment, and are not usually a problem, unless it begins growing indoors. If mold is growing in your home, the air could contain billions of small particles that are both visible and invisible.

Mold can multiply rapidly in your home, causing damage and threatening your health. A mold inspection and testing can help to prevent home and health damage.


Mold Inspections

Mold Investigation

An important step in the remediation process is the initial mold inspection. This should NOT be done by the mold remediation contractor. This should only be done by a qualified third party mold inspection company. The typical inspection consists of a site visit with the property owner or the individual that occupies the property. This is an important step so the inspection company may obtain relevant property details regarding its history of flooding, leaks, and other water occurrences.

Typically the mold inspection company will perform a visual evaluation, take moisture readings of suspected water damaged building materials and record humidity levels. This will help determine the areas that need attention. If necessary, the inspection company will then perform mold sampling. This will include bulk sampling, surface sampling, cavity sampling, and air sampling. This will confirm the presence of suspected mold growth. Once the inspection company receives the sampling results they will evaluate its findings and other data obtained during the initial site visit.

This is important so the inspection company can write a comprehensive mold inspection report that will include the recommendations detailing necessary steps to resolve the moisture issues and mold issues at the property. The inspection report should contain a scope of work that can be passed along to the mold remediation contractor. This will provide important mold remediation details for the remediation contractor. Once the remediation contractor has performed the remediation, the final step in the remediation process is post remediation testing. This will also be performed by the third party mold inspection company and will determine if the remediation process has been successful.

Mold Swab Test


Mold Swab Test

The tip of sterile surface swabs are used to rub the suspect area and submit it to a laboratory where the sample will be cultured and the type of mold identified by a laboratory for analysis.

Swab samples are easy ways to sample suspect areas for mold contamination.



Air Quality Test

Air Quality Test

The best way to determine air quality in a home or commercial building is to have the air tested. Methods of testing indoor air quality can vary depending upon the substance of concern.

The three most common types of indoor air quality concerns include radon, mold, and Volatile Organic Compounds.






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